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Kitesurfing School Portugal At Obidos Lagoon
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Easy Rent Equipment For Kiteboarding At Obidos Lagoon

Rent top-of-the-line North REACH kite gear at SolID Kite School On Obidos lagoon, Portugal, and elevate your kitesurfing experience with versatile, user-friendly equipment perfect for riders of all levels

Sizes: 7/9/10/12/15

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Looking to rent equipment for kiteboarding and have some fun in the sun?

Well, before you can hit the waves, you'll need to show off your skills as an independent kiteboarder!

Here are the must-have abilities:

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You need to be a master at self-launching and self-landing the kite

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Riding upwind in both directions is a must-have

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You must understand safety systems and know how to use them

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Knowledge of navigation rules and international signs is a must

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You should be able to control your riding speed with ease

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In case of emergencies, you should be able to perform a self-rescue in deep water

If you're already a responsible and independent kitesurfer, these skills will come easy to you. So, let's hit the waves and have a blast!

Kite rental On Obidos lagoon